The Sedpo Eagles were born from the desire of three American boys wanting to learn to play hockey in the Czech Republic. Max, James and Quinn were "old" beginners at the ages of nine, nine, and seven respectively, and trying to catch-up with teammates that had been playing since they were five years old. The Czech's take their hockey seriously and the boys faced an uphill battle.  Not be held back by something as 'trivial' as a language and cultural barrier, parents turned to Coach David for help. 

Coach David began assisting the three boys with private lessons during and after their Czech hockey practice. There were additional non-Czech youth trying to navigate the Czech ice hockey system and in need of assistance. The group of boys grew to six. Not long after, the students that David had been coaching at Riverside wanted to join the “team”, and there were other English-speaking youth from international schools and they wanted to learn to play hockey, too. The group was now 15 students and the team was born. 

We are registered as a non-profit organization.

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Why We Love Hockey

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Join Us (FAQ)

How can you join us?  Please email David ( or

Sharon ( and they will assist you. 


Who can join us?  Anyone age 5 -14


What does it cost?  For those committed to the team, there is a monthly fee that covers all practices equal to 300 czk / session.

If you want to 'drop-in' for practice, the fee is 350 CZK / session. 

If you would like to pay by wire, our account number is: 2111974421/2700 (Unicredit)


When do we practice? 


27 August - 15.30 to 16.30 @ Hvezda in Prague 6

4 September - 12.30 to 13.30 @ Hvezda in Prague 6


Please check back for changes; hockey arenas sometimes move us up an hour or back an hour in order to host a tournament.

* Last updated 16.8.2016


Where do we practice?  We go between two rinks:

Na Rozdilu 1, Prague 6 


Hvezda is located in Prague 6, and you can get there by metro (exit Borislavka) and follow the exit sign for Liberijska / Afrika ulice. From the exit, the arena is a 5 minutes walk down the hill; follow the Zimni Stadion signs. 

When Hvezda is full, we head north to Slaný.  The address is: Lacinova 1720, Slany

We practise every week and can find us on the HC Hvezda or Slany schedule under the name SEDPO EAGLES.

Do not worry if you do not have equipment or if you are a new skater. We are happy to provide equipment for the first practice or two, and teach you the ABCs of skating with our coaches.

Equipment can then be rented directly from us; skates are 50 czk  / session.

The Locker Room


Coaches Corner

How to pack your hockey bag so you do not forget an item



How to Dress, by Coach David

There is a saying that a monkey knows how to dress up in hockey gear in 7 minutes. We, the Eagles, can take it much more slowly, because we “fly in” to our locker room 30 minutes before our practice begins.  As you know, some of us start with a helmet. We are not knights but hockey players, so let us start step by step.

Hockey bag is full of very useful gear and first dress our long underwear. The best option is long sleeves and long pants because the Velcro and tape, which can be found on upcoming gear and won’t bother us.

Second goes the jock, one the most important piece of equipment, hand in hand with the skates, of course. 

Then you can put your shin pads and roll over your hockey socks. You can stick your hockey socks either on your long underwear with the jock’s Velcro or clips.

Now the hockey pants and here is something new for you. We want to move freely and feel comfortably, so wait with your shoulder pads and elbow pads and go for the skates next. It is much easier to tighten your skates without any gear on your hands or chest. Once the skates are tight enough, it is better to start with your elbow pads and then finish with shoulder pad. 

Now, we are almost done. Take out your new Sedpo Eagles jersey; check out your name, number and our logo. Now, it is time for your neck protector, helmet and gloves. Sticks are ready in front of the locker room so when you feel comfortable in your gear, get the stick and let’s have a great ice time and fun.

One more time, step by step:

  1. Long Underwear (you probably have something underneath already!)
  2. Jock
  3. Shin pads
  4. Hockey socks
  5. Hockey pants
  6. Elbow pads
  7. Shin pads
  8. Sedpo jersey
  9. Neck protector
  10. Helmet
  11. Hockey gloves
  12. Stick




Useful Hockey English for Coaches, Players & Parents 

Underwear  -  Spodní prádlo
Jock / Jill  -  Suspenzor
Hockey socks  -  Štuplny
Shin pads  -  Holenní chrániče
Hockey pants  -  Kalhoty
Skates  -  Brusle
Shoulder pad  -  Vesta
Elbow pads  -  Náloketky
Neck protector  -  Nákrčník
Gloves  -  Rukavice
Helmet  -  Helma
Hockey stick  -  Hokejka
Tape  -  Páska
Laces  -  Tkaničky
Towel  -  Ručník
Shampoo  -  Šampón
Flip flops  -  Nazouváky
Water bottle  -  Láhev na vodu
Hockey bag  -  Hokejová taška

If you want a more extensive dictionary look here. 

Parents Corner

Arena Tips

First and foremost, what can you do while waiting for the players at HC Hvezda?  You can find good coffee, incredible cakes, and pleasant service, at Cukrarna Mucenka. It is located at Kladenska 27, a quick 5 minute walk from the stadium.  (Located between the metro Borislavska and the arena.)

If we are Slany, as we seem to be quite a bit lately, across the street from the stadium is a lovely pond and walking trail. Bring the dog!  The resturant at the stadium was also given the thumbs up by the Seyfried and Garner families. 

If we happen to be practicing at the HC Beroun (Na Ostrove 816), right next door is the AquaPark Beroun. Great to keep siblings busy. And if you are looking for substinance, The Black Dog Bar and Grill is a quick walk. It has excellent food and good service. Make reservations! 

Cleaning of the Equipment 

It stinks, the boys stink ... hockey is a smelly game. I am not sure what is easier, cleaning the equipment or the kids.  Either way, you have got to clean the equipment. The smell comes from the bacteria, and the bacteria in small cuts or bruises can lead to staph infections.  Not good!  Links to cleaning the equipment are here and here.


Your Hockey 101 class is here. 


During long-weekends and holiday breaks, Coach David organizes camps to improve the players' skills on ice as well as learn more about the Czech Republic off the ice. The Team takes a time out to learn about the city they are visiting, its history and culture. Friendly matches and practices are organized with the intention of introducing Czech children to the English-speaking team and vice versa.


From the Clip Board of Coach David 

SEDPO EAGLES in Jested, Liberec, 10 & 11 of July, 2015

…our first hike to Jested, a long time planned, started on Friday. With a big group of 7 brave ones, age 5 to 11, not knowing how tough a hike is awaiting, we met in Cerny Most bus station in Prague. Reservation of 8 seats, kids eager to order their hot chocolate and watch TV on the seat in front of themselves. We made it, with two kids… Coach David had to drink 5 hot chocolates. He happily did. The late comers got stuck in a usual morning traffic jam, but luckily Sharon, our super hockey mum, planned to hike with us and wipe any possible tears while climbing up, so they followed the bus in a car. It did, of course, change fast, and the bus was following the car.

Once we arrived to Liberec and checked-in to our favorite place, the Hotel Arena, we went for lunch and started with good food for our hike. We took off at about 2 p.m. and jumped on the tram driving us to the start of the hill, Jested. We saw that beautiful tower from far far away. The kids still did not believe that we were not taking the ski lift to the top…

The kids did great. Big respect to 5 year-old Niko, who climbed it like nothing.

We had two small brakes on our way up and once we reached the top, had a small tour inside the tower, grabbed a coffee (no more chocolates for Coach David), watched the kids run around and then we took a different route down the hill.

We walked through the woods and stopped at the memorial for a 1948 plane crash. Then we kept going, kids running all the way down, not realizing, that going down, is more difficult than going up. They realized later in the night, when the leg shaking started.  After dinner we were about to play some games at the hotel, but the boys wanted to play football desperately. Red against black. I couldn't´t resist, because with me playing, it was 4 x 4. Of course that my team won.

In the night we finally played the Czech board game Clovece nezlob se and our favorite game Dobble. This time, of course, I lost everything.

The youngest room with Niko, age 5, and David Junior, age 7, shared reading time, with my favorite Ctyrlistek, the Lucky Four. They also deserved to watch one movie on the tablet.

I can´t say the exact time when the older boys went to final sleep, but I am pretty sure that some of them broke their record.

We woke up around 8 am and after our breakfast, we got a team meeting with our plans.

We started with our beloved hockey. This time we were satisfied with an in-line hockey, but the ice is coming, we can all feel it, even in 38C.

Perfect 2.5 hours practice in the Liberec training hall and couple of good games between us.

After the delicious lunch, we took it easy in the rooms. Let´s just say that after 20 minutes of the break, I had a knock on the door with fully equiped boys with football ball. After 20 minutes break and 150 minutes of morning in-line practice? OK, but I will be a goalie this time…

I was happy to see that the kids are kids and we also enjoyed time at the very nice children's playground on the campus of the Sport Park Liberec.

Time was flying, so were the Eagles, and we had to spread the wings and head home. Our most “favorite” journey, no cars, no taxis, just walking with all gear, from the arena to the bus station. But, with a great discipline and promised hot chocolate, we did it.

The boys were so tired that this time they didn't´t even notice no working wi-fi on the bus.

We made. Safe and sound, all home. Our first, but for sure, not the last hike to Jested, was very successful.

With a big respect,

Coach David



Our Team 


  • Sharon Machuga Chelko,
     Operations & Hockey Mum
    Sharon became interested in hockey her freshman year at California Lutheran University, a small school with many Scandinavians. Hockey was not big in California at the time, so learning to play was not an option. Despite being limited in her hockey participation while at college, her love and interest for the sport never diminished. Flash forward 20 years; Sharon loves to skate with her three sons on the ice, take practice shots with the boys, and happily attends all day tournaments at home and many kilometers away. Sharon has an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management in Arizona. Post MBA she spent several years in corporate finance and consulting with PWC and Deloitte & Touche. Sharon has also worked in the areas of venture capital and mergers and acquisitions. Growing up, Sharon always wanted to live and travel abroad; she has since lived in Poland, Croatia, Spain, Russian, and France. Sharon currently lives in Prague, Czech Republic with her husband and three hockey-loving sons.
  • David Ohnutek,
     Head Coach
    Coach David Ohnutek has been on the ice for 30 years; he started playing hockey at the tender age of five. David has coached hockey at all levels; youth age four and up, to professional players in the Czech Republic and Europe. David also coaches and plays in-line hockey. He coached the Czech National in-line hockey team in the Junior In-line World Championship (Philadelphia, PA, USA) and played on the Czech National in-line hockey team (Detroit, MI, USA), taking the silver medal for the Czech Republic. David played professional hockey in Norway, England, and the Czech Republic. David considers his greatest successes in hockey were with the U19 and U20 Czech National teams, and, close to his heart, leading his home town Zlin’s U20 team as captain. In 1998, Coach David carried the Olympic torch for the Czech Republic in Nagano, Japan. He speaks Czech, English, German and continues to study Norwegian. Coach David, as he is known to many youth, is the father of one son. He is very grateful that his passion for hockey has become his profession.

Contact  -  602 794 045  -  720 527 027

 Office address: HC Hvězda Praha, Na Rozdílu 1, Praha 6 - Vokovice

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